Adam Kieffer
Owner at Adam's Dance Connection

My passion for the art of dance started In 2001.  Thanks to my then girlfriend Jessica, I answered an ad to become an Arthur Murray Dance Studio  instructor in Hamden, CT.  At the time, I would have no idea of the wonderful journey that was about to begin.  After an incredible career of learning, studying and earning three full certifications plus for the AM franchise, we returned to our native Dubuque, IA home in 2007, unsure of my future in dancing.

By 2008, I had landed a full time HVAC job, Jessica had become my wife and we started a family, leaving dance in the back of my mind.  In late 2009, the Dubuque area Chamber of Commerce contacted me about volunteering for a local Dancing with the Stars fundraising event.  Since then, I have been involved with multiple numbers for the show.  This has lead to winning judges choice for several years for my choreography, ultimately fueling my desire to teach the tri- states how to dance.  In September 2015, I brought my dream to fruition and  Adam's Dance Connection opened its doors!  
Adam with his Wife, Jessica
What kind of dances can you learn?
  • Argentine Tango (Argentinian)
  • Bachata (Dominacan)
  • Bolero (Cuban)
  • Burlesque (French)
  • Calypso (Caribbean)
  • Capoeira (Brazilian)
  • Carolina Shag (Southern American)
  • Casio Style Salsa (Cuban/Miami)
  • Cha Cha (American Country and International) (Cuban)
  • ​Charleston (American)
  • Chicago Style Steppin' (Midwestern)
  • Competetive Dancing (Pro-am and Amateur Couples)
  • Country Reels (American Country)
  • ​Disco (American)
  • East Coast Swing (American Country)
  • Foxtrot (American and International)
  • Foxy (Slow Dance)
  • Freestyle (Solo)
  • Hustle (New York)
  • Jitterbug (East Coast)
  • Jive (International Swing)
  • Kizomba (Angolan)
  • Lindy Hop (Harlem/Savoy)
  • ​Line Dances (Pop and Country)
  • ​Mambo (Cuban)
  • Merengue (Dominican)

  • Nightclub (American)
  • Nightclub Two Step (American Country)
  • Paso Doble (Spanish)
  • Polka (American Country) (Czech)
  • Public Demonstrations (When You're Brave Enough!!)
  • Quickstep (New York)
  • Round Dancing (American)
  • Rumba (American and International) (Cuban)
  • Salsa (Cuban/New York/Puerto Rico/Chicago)
  • Salsa Rueda (Cuban)
  • Samba (American and International) (Brazilian)
  • Social Dancing (Just For Fun!)
  • Son (Cuban)
  • Tango (American and International)
  • Theatrical Choreography
  • Triple Two Step (American Country)
  • Two Step (American Country)
  • Urban (American)
  • Viennese Waltz (American and International) (Vienna)
  • ​Waltz (American, Country and International)
  • West Coast Swing (American)
  • ​Zouk (Caribbean)
  • And More!!!
"My Connection Method makes it less about teaching dance steps and more about  you learning how to control necessary movements through dance."
Adam Kieffer